A selection of short stories I have written for Recycled Words. Stories that capture a short moment in time, requiring only a few short moments of your time.

These are the stories of Recycled Words.

Free flash fiction, short story, Gravity by Jon Stubbington, Recycled Words

Sarah sits in a cafe, thinking about the cliff at the edge of the world.

Day to Forget standalone

Some days just disappear.

We need to talk standalone

Have you had The Conversation?


Do you dare read this Halloween tale?Shoes standalone

A short, short story about feet. No really.

Catharsis standalone

Two men, one car, and all manner of problems.

Light standalone

What mysteries await a young girl on a visit to her grandfather’s house?

Forest standalone 2

A man awakes alone in a forest. But he is not alone for long.

Christmas standalone 2

What if all your Christmases came at once?

On a hill standalone 2

A picnic with a view to end all views.

Ghosts standalone 2

A different kind of ghost story.

If you want to do anything other than look through and enjoy these stories then please take a moment to read my usage terms.