Just a quick update today to let you all know that I have a guest spot over on the Navigating Indieworld site with an article all about book cover design: What is a book cover for?

Navigating Indieworld Jon Stubbington book cover design help article
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Featuring a joke about tea and five of my tips on things to consider when designing (or commissioning a design) for your book cover. Read it here: http://navigatingindieworld.com/jon-stubbington-what-is-a-book-cover-for/

Navigating Indieworld is:

a non-profit site developed to help indies promote their books to the general public. Put together on a whim by a group of dedicated authors, the site was created for indies by indies motivated by the lack of options available for advertising on a limited budget.

Head over to their site for all sorts of information about the process of crafting and publishing your book independently, or connect with them on Facebook or Goodreads.

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Navigating Indieworld: What is a book cover for?

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